Learning For the Human Half, Not the Dog!

Don't make your clients dig to find you! Marketing and communication training for humans.


What You Do IS What I Do


If you serve pet owners in helping them with their pets, so do I. By helping you get the word out about your services, I serve you.

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Humans Helping Humans

You’re highly trained but…

You don’t have enough clients to make you satisfied?
Clients don’t follow through with your suggestions?
You don’t seem to be able to figure out how and where to advertise, much less what to say?
I can help!

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Straighten Your Fronts

People Don’t Buy What You’re Selling…

They buy YOU! No matter how lost or intimidated you feel, let me help you decide how YOU want to market on YOUR terms. Many times people would rather clean cages than thinking about branding their image. It seems fake, and you’re in it for the animals. Well, what if both could be true?

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Marketing is not a dirty word.... Learn More